A murder.  A one-night stand.  Conspiracy.  Love.  Corruption.
Five things that were never a part of Agent Erin Jacey’s life.
Until they were.
Agent Jacey said goodbye to her current position with the FBI, with plans to move to a new town and take on a more exciting Bureau job. With the arrangements made, she was more than ready to move on. But that's when her perfectly planned life started to unravel.  A phone call sends her to her hometown to identify the body of her sister, and then she stays in order to track down her killer.

But can she keep things from becoming too personal?

And what happens when her once well-ordered existence is suddenly
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My name is Lauren Hayes and I’m a detective with the NYPD.  For ten years, I’ve been sleepwalking through life, after being the victim of a violent attack, but the day I met Anthony Colston, I finally started to wake up.
There were instant fireworks between us, and even though I resisted forging a serious relationship with him, I couldn’t stop myself, and he’s made my life so much better.
But it hasn’t been an easy road.  He’s a detective, too, and he’s working the case of a serial rapist and murderer, and after several crime scenes with no evidence left behind, he finally got lucky and managed to snag some of the killer’s DNA.  It matched to an old crime in the system, a rape kit done ten years ago.

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When Miranda Jacoby is awakened at three a.m., she has a stoned husband and a dead body on
her hands.

The former is in her living room, while the latter is propped up against a dumpster five miles away,
and she has no idea how closely related the two will become.

For five years, Miranda Jacoby has worked as a detective with the Williamsburg, Virginia
police department.

Five years waiting for a big case.

And when she finally catches the case every detective dreams about, it almost turns out to be more than she can handle.

It'll take every ounce of intelligence and determination she has just to make it out alive.
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NYPD Detective Matt Regan wanders into a strip club in search of a witness in his latest murder case, but who he finds is his former partner, Callie Baker.  She's working undercover with the FBI, trying to take down a group of club bosses who deal in drugs and guns and prostitution. 

Matt's excitement over seeing her is short-lived, when he learns how the assignment has taken its toll on her, and when she offers him a spot in the investigation, playing the role of her former lover who just happens to be a dirty cop, he jumps on it immediately.

Lovers for show at the club, Matt and Callie reestablish their friendship from two years ago, and slowly become lovers for real, doing their best to bring the investigation to a close without blowing their covers.

Maneuvering through the minefield of subterfuge, they uncover a much greater operation than initially expected, with unknown players coming to the forefront, and the stakes are suddenly not just their careers, but their lives as well. 

**Disclaimer - this book should be considered rated R, and is intended for mature readers only!
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“Aiden!” Kimberly Laughlin called as her eyes scoured the park. Panic was starting to set in. She couldn’t remember for sure the last time she’d actually seen him.

Fifteen or twenty minutes ago at least. She had dressed him in orange so that he would be easy to spot from a distance, but to be honest, she really hadn’t been paying much attention. They were in a nice park with people they knew. She had never considered that something bad could happen.

But she couldn’t find her three-year-old son.

One hour later, the police combed the recreation park… Three hours later, search parties had been formed… Three days later, Aiden Laughlin’s body was found.

Special Agent Serena Cassidy transferred to the Child Crimes Division just in time to track the country’s newest monster—a pedophile that kidnaps and kills children from small-town, middle-class America and leaves behind no clues…

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Sarah Crawford thought her life was complete. She lived in an upscale community outside of Denver, she was married to Jack, a successful businessman, and they had a wonderful son together.

But then her husband was killed in a car accident that looked suspiciously like murder to Sarah. Jack had left behind a computer disk that people were willing to kill for, and she was sure that Jack himself had become one of the casualties.

She had no idea what kind of secret life he had been living. How could she know whom to trust?

Sarah kept the disk in hopes that she could find out who killed her husband, and she thought no
one knew she had it. Then she moved herself and her son halfway across the country so that they could start a new life.

But what do you do when the old life follows you?

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In the exciting sequel to Degree of Trust, Sarah Crawford completes her training at the FBI Academy and is assigned to the D.C. office.
Her new partner pulls her into an unauthorized pursuit of serial rapist and kidnapper, Colin Richter. Richter turns his focus on to Sarah and her nightmare begins:

"Check him. Make sure he's dead," Bobby instructed me. I knew that was procedure, but I was also pretty sure I had hit Richter, and I was more concerned about Bobby.

"Yeah, I will. Just relax. I'll check him and call in the paramedics."

As I got to my feet, I heard the floor creak, and at the same time I heard my partner call out
to me, "Sarah!"

I whirled around quickly and was met with a fist... My last conscious thought as I crashed to the floor was that I was in some seriously deep trouble...
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