About the author...

Jami Womack lives in central Virginia with her husband of nearly three decades, and their youngest son.  The family does a lot of traveling, which often provides a good backdrop for her dark and twisted tales.

Jami Womack currently has seven novels available for purchase, either in paperback or Kindle or both.  She is currently working on an eighth novel.

Tremendous thanks goes out to my amazing husband who created the cover art for all of my books, with the exception of Degree of Trust and Degree of Obsession, and those covers will be updated soon!

Go to the "Books" page for a plot summary of each book, and a link to purchase. 

To contact Jami, or to sign up for email alerts to stay current on new releases, email: jamiwomack@verizon.net


What people are saying about Jami's work...

This is perfection!  Awesomely good!
Wow, wow, wow! Not sure I have enough words to just describe how this took my breath away! I just want to say thank you for writing something so raw, and real.

I couldn't put this book down!

I just want to say (again!) how much I enjoy your writing.  I think you are incredibly talented!
Superb!  I love your [writing] and wonder how you manage to come up with such first-class work on a regular basis, and I've decided it's a gift...
Your writing is magnificent and addictive...
This is amazing! Best thing I've read in a while!